IIP is a multi-asset investment manager and advisory service firm.

Our investment philosophy is simple: Supporting innovation, and improving access to high quality, affordable basic goods and services is what really matters if you want to deliver impact.

We translate our philosophy into action across three fronts:

1. We invest directly into companies we think truly have the special qualities that will allow them to deliver commercial returns alongside the innovation that drives positive social change.

2. We also develop, bring to market and manage transformative financial products, and

3. Advise other investors who want to pursue similar investment strategies.

Our investment team is passionate about making an impact and experienced at delivering financial returns.

Our team has successfully managed portfolios of more than $20 billion across asset classes in developed and emerging markets, built first-mover companies in Africa and India and successfully exited several private equity investments to large financial and strategic investors.

We draw on this experience to help our clients build exciting, sustainable and financially rewarding impact investments and portfolios.