IIP invests directly into companies we believe have the potential to deliver commercial returns alongside innovation that drives positive social change.

Our Portfolio Companies

3C Collective

3C Collective

In 2014 IIP invested into 3C Collective, an innovative UK-based company that has developed an affordable, long-lasting, alcohol-free, antibacterial and germ-kill hand sanitizer focused toward low income consumers in emerging markets. The company currently is preparing for the launch of its commercial pilot to test this product for use in urban slums in India.

Why we Invested in 3C

We believe that investments into businesses that are innovating within the healthcare and sanitation sectors, and that focus on a mass-market and low-income consumer demographic, have the potential to generate significant financial return while also reducing illness and mortality at scale. 3C's innovative product has the potential both to improve millions of people's lives and also to deliver solid commercial returns.

How we Work with 3C

IIP is working closely with 3C to launch its business into India across urban slums.