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Debt Financing for Emerging Market SMEs

IIP has played a leading role in the formation of LendEnable, a data aggregation and analytics business focused on emerging markets.

About LendEnable

LendEnable is a data aggregation and analytics business focused on emerging markets.

LendEnable’s Solution

LendEnable is developing a meta-data analytics platform and associated credit algorithm, which will unlock large scale bank lending to SMEs in emerging markets.

The company’s methodology relies on an analytic method of providing historical information on credit history which is un-influenced by borrowers, allows for closer to real-time creditworthiness analysis than what is currently available where local credit-rating agencies are operating and standardizes data into pro-forma information to be provided to lenders on a large number of creditworthy SMEs.

LendEnable’s solution is enhancing of lenders’ existing initiatives both because it reduces transaction costs involved with lending to SMEs and provides opportunities for lenders to substantially increase their SME loan books while still adhering to their preferred risk profiles.

LendEnable’s solution also allows for credit worthy SMEs already receiving financing from corporates as part of corporate supply chain financing initiatives to qualify for additional institutional financing, provide corporates with more systematic ways of pricing the risk associated with their own lending and opens the credit market to other creditworthy SMEs who are not currently included in lenders’ origination processes.

LendEnable’s Vision

The firm’s vision is a functioning, transparent, and vibrant financial marketplace across emerging markets where creditworthy critical goods and services SMEs, the backbone of all healthy, growing economies can secure the debt they need to grow at an interest rate that is affordable.