Nadia Sood, Managing Partner at Impact Investment Partners LLP is speaking at SLUSH, Singapore.

September 20, 2016 at Resorts World Sentosa

GestureTek Health wins its first UK-based award at the Neurological Rehabilitation Expo 2016.

By COPA Show

You can read about our award for “Innovation of the Year 2016” Here

GestureTek Health makes its official​​ launch​​ into the UK market ​with the open​ing of the company’s first UK based showroom as well as a brand new website.


Covergence Blended Finance Launches at Davos with IIP as Member of Founding Investor Group.

Convergence launches as first and only deal sourcing platform for blended finance investments. Platform will help public and private investors find and connect with each other to co-invest in blended finance deals in emerging and frontier markets

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IIP Managing Partner, Nadia Sood speak’s at the World’s largest start-up conference Slush about IIP’s investment strategy.

Slush, attracts 15 000 participants and features innovators from around the world.
Hear Nadia’s talk here.

IIP's Partner Nadia Sood in panel regarding Islamic finance at the Global Ethical Finance Forum

By Africa News Agency

The Global Ethical Finance Forum (GEFF) far exceeded global expectations after the first day of the 2-day gathering engaged the responsible investments industry from across Europe, East Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

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Compliance with ethical norms key to Islamic finance branding

By Saudi Gazette

Over 150 leaders from the Socially Responsible Investing (SRI), Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) and faith-based investing sectors participated in historic discussions on various facets of ethical finance with the view of collectively forging the next chapter of the industry through collaboration and convergence.

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IIP Chairman talks about Asset Allocation and Impact Investing.

By Elsa Buchanan / 25th June

Dalton Strategic Partnership's head of charities Richard Nunneley is helping the sector overcome what he describes as the biggest crunch in 50 years as it desperately seeks to raise more funds in a low return environment.

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IIP in the news at the Commonwealth Heads of State Meeting.

By Shabiya Ali Ahlam / 9th December

While impact investments are not very popular in this part of the world, it is essentially a new way of investing by looking at non-financial returns while making a decent income. With the dual objective of creating wealth while uplifting society, a session chaired by SNS Impact Investing Netherlands Managing Director Prof. Harry Hummels on 'Generating Returns and Developments' noted that impact investments emphasises mostly on areas such as infrastructure, entrepreneurship, education and healthcare.

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IIP participates in development of a new set of health metrics targeting health organizations that serve low-income populations. The metrics and an accompanying paper describing their intended use can be found here on the IRIS website.

By Iris / October

The IRIS initiative collaborated with the Center for Health Market Innovations (CHMI) to convene a working group comprising health delivery practitioners, impact investors, and field experts who provided input and advice to establish a set of specific metrics for health-focused organizations. These metrics and the working group's rationale for inclusion are summarized below.

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IIP contributes to World Economic Forum report, Bringing Impact Investing from the Margins to the Mainstream.

By World Economic Forum / September

A report by the World Economic Forum Investors Industries Prepared in collaboration with Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu.

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IIP writes about portfolio allocation strategies targeting impact.

By Tom Bird / 19th August

Endeavoring to "do more" with my money and my life, I've been an impact investor for 15 years. Back in the '80's at business school, I learned about the equation: value = benefits - price. And 7 years ago, while in Divinity School studying ethics, I was able to gain a bit more clarity on values. Matterings. Impact investing has allowed me to integrate what I have learned about value and values. The MBA and the ethics training meet.

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Grants working hand in hand with social impact investing


NADIA SOOD, co-founder and managing partner of IMPACT INVESTMENT PARTNERS, and RICHARD NUNNELEY, chairman of IIP and head of charities at DALTON STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP, look at how a foundation or charity making a grant should contemplate also making a social impact investment, so it can help to drive a project forward better and produce an improved outcome.

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How charities can leap social investing barriers


JESSICA MATTHEWS, associate director of mission related investing at CAMBRIDGE ASSOCIATES, and NOELLE LAING, mission related investing consultant at CAMBRIDGE ASSOCIATES, comment on how a risk-to-return framework can help charities and other institutions effectively include social investments in diversified portfolios.

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Social investment to help charities with payment-by-results


OWEN WILLCOX of TPP LAW discusses how social investment can provide working capital for charities to enable them to participate in government payment-by-results contracts.

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IIP in Charities Management. Read our new article on How to Allocate from your Endowment.

By Charities Management / January

NADIA SOOD, co-founder and managing partner of IMPACT INVESTMENT PARTNERS, and RICHARD NUNNELEY, chairman of IIP and head of charities at investment firm DALTON STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP, explain impact investment and how to integrate it into a charity's or foundation's asset allocation strategy.

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IIP featured in Private Equity International.

By James Taylor / September

It's a clear June morning in London's Canary Wharf, and PEI is watching two private equity type grill an entrepreneur about his business model. Not exactly an uncommon sight in Europe's financial capital-except that on this occasion, there's is something other than money on the table.

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IIP Advisor Molly Stevens participates in the joint Lancet–Imperial College London Commission on Technologies for Global Health.

1st August

Collaboration between The Lancet and Imperial College London, UK, has resulted in a new Commission, which examines how medical technology should best be used to improve health in low and middle-income countries. The report concludes that in many cases, medical technology-almost exclusively developed in rich countries-is simply inappropriate for use in poorer nations.

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IIP Advisor Professor Molly Stevens profiled in the Lancet.

By David Holmes / 21st April

It's impossible to be 100% sure, but Molly Stevens is in all likelihood the only person ever to have graced the hallowed pages of both The Lancet and Vogue. In July last year the fashion bible featured Stevens as one of its Wonder Women-just one of a host of accolades heaped on Stevens, which also includes the first Royal Pharmaceutical Society Conference Science Medal to be awarded to a woman. All the attention has been great for her lab, says Stevens, but being a high-profile woman in science seems to attract some oddly inaccurate reporting, and Stevens was in the mood to set the record straight when The Lancet caught up with her.

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